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Web design illustrations are the best examples of use.

If you carefully study any selection of website designs on a particular topic, you will see one trend – illustrations are now in vogue. They are so widespread that we just have to talk about this phenomenon in detail! For writing to become an inspiration was scooped from a note. I hope you will be interested to read.

The interface should not be useless and meaningless elements. Even a decorative element, if it is in its place, must perform a specific function. Generally speaking, the illustration can play the role of both a decorative element (the task of which is to decorate and diversify the design), and informative (presents some information in a convenient and easy to read form). Ideally, it performs both functions at once.

On the sites of the portfolio of illustrators you can find a lot of interesting high-quality graphics, but how best to use it in web design? – today we will just talk about it, having considered typical examples.

Thematic illustrations create or enhance a certain atmosphere. The plot of such a picture is usually closely related to the theme of the site. Consider a few examples:

The illustration develops the basic idea and Get my boss to North Cape. She not only decorates, but also carries a functional-semantic load, emphasizing what the project is actually dedicated to – the boss argued with the subordinate that if they gain 5000 likes, they will have to go a long way.

In the case of the Launch Kit website, the background illustration serves only a decoration, but the decoration is relevant and blends in well with the overall concept of the site. It is not necessary to draw a large, specific illustration that fully reflects the concept of the site, you can only slightly enhance its overall message as done here.

When designing the homepage, the designers of the Atelier Anonyme Design website decided to completely rely on the illustration, which in fact is the background at the same time a strong expressive tool. This site was created for web studios, so we can say that the illustration performs not only the role of decoration, but also in a sense reflects the mood, the spirit of this agency, eliminating “inappropriate” clients.

Another phenomenon that has become widespread today is an illustration with a character. To implement this idea, the designer needs to come up with a special illustrated character (or characters). Often this is a fictional character with whom the visitor must subsequently associate the site. Consider examples.

It is obvious that the character “octopus” plays a significant role on inkFinder, thanks to which the design of the site is better remembered and generally more recognizable. The beauty of the approach with the character is that you can come up with anyone and realize the same image in your own way, making it unique.

The Evnt meets us with another “octopus-like character.” In this case, its implementation is very far from reality – it is a kind of brain imprisoned in a “suit” on three legs. Undoubtedly, this is also a memorable element of the project, which creates a wonderful association with a specific event, to which a web page is devoted. Look, because this example is generally quite good design for the site, but how much it will change if you remove the character!

In this case, the character is not as aggressive as in the previous design. His role is secondary, essentially one-eyed creature – part of the logo, however, it creates the mood and allows you to make a visual review of the project memorable.

Illustrated Ornaments
This type of illustration in web design is decorative. This is just a decoration, decoration, nothing more. Basically. and this option has the right to exist – beautiful sites are also remembered as projects with “ideological” illustrations. A few examples:

The illustrated elements of the WP Themes 1000 interface (in the header and navigation) do not carry a meaningful or functional load, but help create a stylish design. Partially, the beauty and style of the design gives some insight into the capabilities and features of WordPress templates and designs developed by this company.

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